Electrification of Suburban Rail Lines


Agence Nationale d’Études et de Suivi de la Réalisation des Investissements Ferroviaires (ANESRIF), Algiers, Algeria

Scope of Work

Project management, control and supervision of works for the electrification (25 kV/50Hz) of a 340-km track in the suburbs of Algiers.

Dessau was the co-principal contractor providing control, supervision and provision services for the 25 kV / 50Hz electrification of a 340-km track. Specifically, we supervised, controlled and monitored the following project components:

  • Substations and power supply
  • SCADA remote control system (provision and installation)
  • Telecommunications
  • Demolition and reconstruction of civil engineering structures
  • Global work planning and scheduling
  • Moving of electrical cables and the construction of buildings to house the substations


  • First electrification of a rail line in Algeria.
  • Maintain rail traffic during works.
  • Simultaneously control and supervise several jobsites located a significant distance from one another.